Santa @ Clocktower

Oh hey guys! Grab your babes and bring your holiday spirit ’cause Santa is making a stop at the Clocktower in Lafayette tomorrow!


Be here Saturday, December 20th between Noon-4 for a free picture with Santa, he’ll be across from Floret and behind Patxi’s



Psst…we’re currently designing a special winter wonderland for some really special santa pics #santaslittlehelpers

Happy Gatherings

As I start planning Christmas meals and organizing guest lists, my mind wonders toward tablescapes. This year I’d like to pair my white Lenox with hints of green and vintage lace. I’m still obsessing over black and white, and those paper Christmas trees would be a fun afternoon craft with my son as well as an unexpected addition to a side bar or dessert table. Some easy to-do ideas with fresh springs from your garden or Floret.

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Images C/O Pinterest


Happy Holidays, xo


Pinterest is the New Google…

…for creative types that is. And if you’re reading this blog, we know you totally get that. You can follow our crazy pinning ways here.

As Julie Andrew’s said, these are a few of my favorite things … or a least a peek at some of our recent pins :)

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Stay dry friends, xo


Kale + Cabbage

We’re real obsessed with kale and cabbage, and not just for their crunchy health benefits, but because they add a splash of color and a dash of the unexpected to floral arrangements. This morning Em picked beautiful fresh bundles from market and I wanted to show you some of my favorite ways to use them.

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Images C/O Pinterest



PS. Button down the hatches,  load up on firewood and hot cocoa for tomorrow’s storm. Stay cozy + warm!

Modern Floral

I recently posted an image of Tillandsia, or Air plants, on our instagram @floretshoppe, which is one of our favorite ways to do modern floral. We love the way the vessel is often as unique as the plant. Air plants make powerful statements without much work and are popping up in everything from wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths and hanging planters. Have an air plant? Wanna start decorating with them? Here’s some inspiring ways to do it and some tips for keeping them healthy (images c/o pinterest).

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Tillandsias grow differently than most other house plants, so they can be confusing to the beginner. They are really very hardy, and require much less attention than other house plants.
Protect them from frost, most prefer cooler night temperatures – 10-15 degrees less that daytime is ideal
Give them bright, filtered light.
If the atmosphere is not too dry (as in an air-conditioned home) they can survive with water misting and the occasional bath. If you are growing them indoors and the air is dry, you will need (at minimum) to submerge the plant in water for 2-3 hours about every two weeks. Otherwise, in a shade-house or unheated home, you can use a soaking mist once or twice a week in summer, once a month in cooler weather.
Fertilize by adding a pinch of Orchid fertilizer to your mister.

Have more specific questions based on your variety or planter? Stop in, we love to talk all things floral.






Deck The Halls

Our holiday wreaths have arrived! We want yours to last until the 25th so we put together our best tips to do just that. I mean Christmas trees need some evergreen friends to keep them company, right? #deckthehalls

  • For indoor holiday decorations such as a garland, swag, and Christmas wreaths, choose pine, fir, and cedar. These cuttings dry out more slowly than other greenery and may last several weeks if you keep them cool.
  • If you buy greenery early, keep it outside until needed.
  • Before you put outdoor wreaths on the doors, or drape the garlands, soak them overnight in a bathtub filled with water so they can absorb as much water as possible. This will help keep your holiday greenery fresh.
  • If you bring branches home to make your own swags, garlands and wreaths, re-cut the ends and pound them with a hammer so they will absorb more water. Then soak them overnight in the tub.
  • Keep holiday greenery fresh by keeping it away from heat vents, the fireplace and sunny windows.
  • Mist every couple days to keep greenery fresh.